26. Why did we choose service over responsibility?

We didn’t.

The core values of Sanctuary Leadership are Trust, Service and Family.

Responsibility is implied with service.

Sanctuary leadership is about being conscious and intentional with our actions. Responsibility is good but we can do our responsibilities even without being intentional. People generally know that they are responsible for, but they are not knowledgeable about how they should serve. In fact, usually people intentionally decide not to do what they know they should.

But with service requires being intentional.

To know what to do requires being conscious. Those that join Sanctuary Leadership intentionally commit to performing service.

Why is service a requirement?

Service is a requirement, because it is the intentional manifestation of the belief that one’s fellow man is the greatest asset.

Service, or the act of doing actions for others, is the key to unlocking and opening up the potential for action from others. It is through the combined value of others’ actions, directed towards a purpose, that gives leadership its unique and powerful value.

Without adopting the belief of service, leadership is simply not possible. Without leadership, decay and collapse are inevitable.

Becoming a leader, requires accepting more than responsibility, it means accepting service.