28. Be Yourself

The internet, mass media, and even the wide distribution of books has brought with it an unbelievable number of heros, super humans, and popular people. With this, there is an incredible push, to make others to be just like others, especially “the most successful.” If you step into the personal growth space you may find yourself saturated and over-whelmed by how much messaging there is, to be like someone else.

But you should be you.

What I mean by this, is you should be authentic. This doesn’t mean necessarily that you should wear your weaknesses on your sleeves out in front of everyone to see or that you shouldn’t attempt to improve a particular trait that you have, that someone else has as well.

But you should do so in a way that uniquely is you.

People are influenced by those who are authentic, and in order to be authentic you have to drop trying to be just like someone else.

You are not that other person, you are you. They’ll be influenced by who you are, where you came from, and where you are going. If you try to be like someone else, instead of focusing on where you are going, nobody will be able to see how they fit into your story.

And this is the problem with most messaging today online. It’s self aggrandizing at its absolute worst.

Those that want to solve the big problems that they see, need only influence others to adopt their own piece of that problem.

In order to do this, you need to accept that your role isn’t to be somebody else, but to be you, and get others to be themselves and fill the role that they need to fill.

When people are “out of place”, that is, they are in a position that they shouldn’t be in, things grind along. Whereas, if people do the roles that they are supposed to, (arguably the one they were destined to do), things move very smoothly.

How can you fill the shoes that only you can fill, if you try to fill shoes that other people either fill now, or have filled in the past?

There are some who say “you aren’t good enough, instead, you should be greater than you are now.” While it is true, that in order to tackle the problems of the future you need to grow, this doesn’t mean that you should become someone that you are not. I might recommend instead you consider it as a sign to “take action on what you can see.”

In the fullest sense, we all change over time, but our core self doesn’t change. This, commonly called our strengths, is the part of us that we ought to embrace because they are unique to ourselves, even as we are set against the larger mosaic of “others”. To try and be someone else, is an exercise in futility.