34. Command Voice

The room, capable of filling many more people was only filled with 15 people. These people, diverse and different had come from all over the country to learn and experience, but also to meet others.

It was time to begin but everyone was still talking.

The person who was supposed to be leading the group, did not know what to do. Every time an attempt was made to get 1 or 2 people to quiet down, they would rope the speaker into talking with them. But yet, the group was missing out on the instruction that they had arrived to receive.

Without further notice, something happened.

At this very moment, something arose from inside the leader that was least expected and yet difficult to explain.

“Everyone over here!” – Yelled the speaker

Some heads started to turn, but they ever so slightly started facing back where they came.

“No hey! Everyone circle round here! Come on over! It’s time for us to begin!” – The speaker spoke in a very loud, non-angry voice.

A few people started walking over, ceased talking and focused on the speaker. But it wasn’t everyone, a few in the back could tell that someone was speaking louder than them, but it wasn’t clear to them that anything was going on.

The leader could now see this, and yet somehow, without thinking about it, knew what to do next.

“Excuse me one moment, I am going to go grab these people.” the leader boomed out, and immediately power walked to the back.

“Hey we are starting over here. You guys will want to come join in.” the leader said, booming at a near uncomfortable volume for someone who is only 6 feet away.

The leader power walked back over to everyone, who, no surprise was staring at them. It worked, everyone was now huddled together in a single area, quiet and focused.

The leader began the event, loud, relatively fast, and with extremely high energy.

“Welcome to this weekend my name is John, I will be helping you throughout the whole process.”

As the leader continued to speak about where the attendees were and what was going to happen, there was internal dialogue within the leader.

The leader, whom had never spoken this loud this consistently, was shocked and surprised by what was going on. Not only was everyone paying attention, it was clear from their faces that they were satisfied that someone was finally taking their attendance seriously. They could see that a few people were really, truly paying attention and wanted more, and yet the leader couldn’t quite realize how this was happening.

As the leader paced about while speaking to the audience, out of the corner of their eye they noticed that someone was distracted and was beginning to distract others.

“Hey! You there. What is your name?” – The leader boomed, slightly even louder.

“Uhh me?” – They replied.

“Yes you.” – The leader retorted without missing a beat.

“My name is Matt.” – Matt said.

“Hey Matt, come up front here for a few moments.” – The leader invited them.

Matt clearly had the “deer in the head lights look” and was a bit shocked that he was being called out, and brought out in front of everyone.

“Matt, why are you here this weekend?” – The leader boomed, in somewhat friendly but neutral way, focusing their eyes on everyone else.

“I am here to learn, a lot.” – Matt said.

“That’s great Matt. is there anything in particular that you are hoping to pull away with?” – The leader asked back?

Matt replied with an idea that he had been interested in. All the while, this had turned into quite a show for those in the audience who were watching.

“Thanks for sharing that Matt, please take a step back over there.” – The leader with an open, up facing palm pointed with their hand to the back of the crowd.

At times the leader, got invigorated and spoke louder, and now and again went back down to a regular conversation volume. Now that everyone’s attention was squarely on them, it was no longer necessary to boom so loudly, but occasionally, without consideration of why, it would come back on.

Following through with the instincts, the leader allowed themself to show people what they were interested in seeing and tell them what they were interested in hearing about.

What happened to this leader?

They discovered command presence.

This spirit, called command presence, is real. It has the power to grab attention, hold attention, convey information, and ultimately create the environment that people need in order to learn what they desire to learn.

If you find yourself in a situation where the group you are working with is meandering and moving in different directions, it is because there is a lack of focus and alignment in the group. To change this, and set the team in a direction that will get them to succeed, it requires increasing command presence.

Command presence is vital to the employment of leadership.

The command “voice” is the particular mechanism that makes command presence possible. It arises from inside of you, and takes you over. Yes it can be intentional, but you can also be subordinated by this power.

Consider for a moment why. If this power has the ability to direct the attention of others, do you not think that it has the power to direct yourself as well?

The power of the command voice, has the power to instill deep confidence in other people. It has the power to fill their physiology with energy. When people have that much energy, it needs to be directed.

You have this power.