Trust, Service, Family

– Sanctuary Leadership’s Core Values

Are you leading in your own life or are you waiting for the next break?
Are you leading the lives of others or are you a victim to their demands?

Know This: The choices on how you answer these questions determines the trajectory, character and quality of not only your life, but nearly everyone around you. It’s time for you to own this.

Sanctuary Leadership

Also known as the Appalachian Leadership Academy, builds sanctuaries for leaders to develop communities, natural resources, and industries.

Founded at a pivotal time in the year 2020, the Appalachian Leadership Academy:

  • Provides space and resources to cultivate vital habits and technical skills of food, shelter and energy production in order to take ownership of their future, their families futures, and their communities future.
  • Trains others on actually leading and influence people in order to utilize the most valuable natural resource on earth, other people.
  • Mentors newly minted leaders on their most pressing issues leading and influencing organizations.
  • Networks new and experienced leaders to build communities and resilient interconnections.

“Once you understand what leadership is, you can see the voids everywhere. People are waiting for you to fill them.

Leadership is compelling action by earning the privilege to ask for it. A privilege which you can earn, if you choose.

It’s not about moving with force and fear, in fact, those are anti-leadership tactics that don’t have a vision for the future.

But those who dare to chart a future, bring diverse people together, and unleash their potential can literally move mountains.

One’s life can never return to the small place it came from before coming in contact with leadership and influence.”

– Mike Cornwell, Founder