The Influence Phenomenon

In this post I am going to expose a force around us that is just as real as gravity.

All around us exists an invisible but all present force. Its impact on the world cannot be measured with scientific meters, and yet it is still observable. This force hides in plain sight, and yet once you come to the understanding that it exists, you can see it too. This invisible force is known as influence.

Influence is as real of a phenomenon as is momentum, electromagnetism, or weather.

If someone you know asks you to take out the trash or help clean up a room, would you do it? Yes, there might be a bit of pleading at times, or angry frustration that gets us to move. But this simple overlooked example, shows that influence is a real phenomenon.

I am telling you, this base human connection is the heart of moving all of us, in everything that we do. Its not always what some specific person says in front of us that influences us, but sometimes its ourselves.

Why this influence exists and how to use it, is best saved for another post, but the acknowledgement that we do things because we are influenced to do so, provides us the opening necessary to make and create desired change. All of us have this ability.

Influence is a core human connection.

Embrace influence and lead.

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