27. Set the Example

If you want others to do something, do it first.

Don’t talk first do first.

Do first, talk later.

Others are different than you. Some, many, require others to go first. Going first unlocks them. Once you go first, there is no doubts about whether what you say is possible.

Trust me. Convincing others and more importantly getting them to act, is easier by doing it first. You don’t have to do everything, you just have to act first.

If you don’t do the action first, it won’t make sense when you describe it to others. Everything you say will not feel whole, rather it will be full of wholes. People do have the ability to detect if you don’t know a lot about something. Some call this “faking the funk.”

However, if you do act first, you will be able to speak about doing the action, much differently than a person who hadn’t. You can describe sensations, and positive and negative experiences. You can describe, convincingly, how one might think while performing the actions so that one can arise over the bad, to get to the good.

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