25. Once you see leadership, you cannot un-see leadership

Do others care about your concerns? Who? How?

Are they helping you get what you want?

Here’s the truth.

People can feel bad about what’s happening to you, they can empathize and sympathize and put themselves in your shoes.

But that doesn’t mean they’ll get involved and help lead you to your own personal victory.

While they miss the opportunities to influence, you can.

You do not have to leave a person whom is asking for help, hanging in the breeze. You can give confidence to others by saying “let me get this.” By taking ownership and sharing the burden, you’ll gain influence, immediately.

You can put yourself out there. You can put yourselves in to what may feel like harms way.

It matters to at least one person. And that one person may be a spokesman for many. If you influence one, you influence the many.

You don’t have to be like everyone else. Instead of waiting for superman, you can be superman.

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